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Blockchain Projekt EN Pressemitteilung Veröffentlicht am 28.08.2018

Liechtenstein Life Blockchain project successfully launched with novaCapta and Microsoft

Liechtenstein Life, novaCapta Software & Consulting Schweiz AG and Microsoft have launched a joint Blockchain project in relation to service accounting at Liechtenstein Life. The cooperation between the companies is the logical continuation and consolidation of the existing cooperation.The aim of the project is to take the first steps in the Blockchain division in the insurance sector, to gain experience in handling the new technology at Liechtenstein Life as well as to generate awareness among employees and partners and to provide an introduction to this subject.

“We have consciously chosen the leading suppliers and service providers in this sector in the partners Microsoft and novaCapta and we are very satisfied with the project which is already at a very advanced stage and the results that have been achieved,” explains CIO Christoph Böckle. “We think that the Blockchain technology will be an essential part of business life for a long time and will bring about major changes for all industries, but especially for insurance,” adds Böckle.

“We are pleased to have found an innovative partner in Liechtenstein Life for this very interesting and trendsetting project. We are developing state-of-the-art, scalable and cost-efficient applications together based on Microsoft PowerApps and combining them with Blockchain Workbench services from Azure. By specifically using additional services such as those for the automated creation of documents, we are giving the solution valuable additional functions,” continues Heinz Süess, CEO of novaCapta.

“In conclusion, we expect this project to be the first step in a long-term cooperation and further development of Blockchain applications at Liechtenstein Life.” In addition to implementing the digital application process in Germany and Switzerland, the information website and the partner portal planned for the autumn, the introduction of Blockchain technology is another step taken by Liechtenstein Life to establish itself as a leading provider of pension solutions on the German market.

About Liechtenstein Life Assurance AG:

Liechtenstein Life Assurance AG (LLA) is an independent insurance company with head office in Ruggell, Principality of Liechtenstein, that has been operating internationally since 2008. The core markets are Switzerland/Liechtenstein, Austria and Germany. The LLA combines product intelligence with consulting expertise by offering the mutual customer high-quality, fund and unit-linked life insurance products with selected cooperation partners in each country.

About novaCapta Software & Consulting Schweiz AG:

novaCapta Software & Consulting has been successfully creating solutions for the digital workplace for many years. The most important companies in Germany and Switzerland, which national and international projects are being implemented for, are part of the customer base. Founded in 2005, the company with head office in Cologne now employs more than 130 workers at different locations in Germany and Switzerland.

About Microsoft:

Microsoft is the leading platform and productivity company with the mission of enabling each person and organisation on the planet to contribute added value. Microsoft Schweiz GmbH is the subsidiary of the Microsoft Corporation (Redmond USA). Since the establishment of the subsidiary in 1989, the national company has developed into a typically Swiss SME with 620 employees. Microsoft Schweiz works closely with the country’s economic and political institutions and maintains active social dialogue centring on the themes of innovation, safety and education. The partner network comprises 6,000 local business partners and 14,000 certified product and solution specialists nationwide. Microsoft Schweiz GmbH has its head office in Wallisellen near Zurich. Additional offices are in Wollishofen, Bern and Geneva.

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Microsoft Schweiz GmbH
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