KOKON value plus

Unit-linked life insurance policy

KOKON Value plus is the ideal solution for you if you want freedom of choice and flexibility for your pension plan. The fund policy offers you the freedom to structure your policy right from the start and can be tailored to your very own personal needs. With KOKON Value plus, Liechtenstein Life, as a modern company, is offering you the best from the private Swiss pension system. Choose whether you want a tied pension plan (pillar 3a) or a flexible pension plan (pillar 3b). You can also individually determine how much security you need with Liechtenstein Life’s innovative guarantee concepts. Besides German, French and Italian, this tariff is now also available in English.


  • Unit-linked life insurance policy
  • Monthly premium starting at CHF 50
  • Single premium starting at CHF 10,000
  • Additional contributions starting at CHF 500
  • Premium dynamics can be freely selected from 1% to 3%.
  • Unrestricted fund selection (select up to 10 funds per contract)
  • Additional insurance option possible
  • Minimum tax death benefit included
  • Option to choose premium payment exemption in the event of occupational disability
  • Option of selecting premium guarantee


  • Loyalty fund with starting bonus of CHF 50
  • Exclusive capital management strategies tailored to individual objectives
  • Flexible premium structure
  • Premium guarantee Select 80: Guarantee amount 100%
  • Option of additional contributions at any time
  • Optimal investment for tax purposes
  • Payout option when self-employed or constructing a home

Information on our Swiss plans

To calculate our plans, we use disability tables based on the statistics for individual insurance 2003–2007 of the Swiss Insurance Association and mortality tables based on the mortality tables for individual endowment insurance EKM/F 2005.

Information on the premium deposit and blocked premium deposit

Premium deposit: 0.0%
Blocked premium deposit: 0.25%
The performance of the credit balance on the premium deposit is subject to a variable performance rate for which the performance of the investments assigned to the premium deposit as a whole serves as a reference. Please note that the performance rate can also be negative. We have the right to change the performance rate at any time, effective immediately.
As of November 2017

Information on the terminal bonus

As was the case in previous years, the allocation to the terminal bonus is 0% for 2016 due to costs. Therefore, there is no allocation to the terminal bonus because of costs.
As of December 2016

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