Advancement through digitalisation

Liechtenstein Life is your innovative pension specialist from the Principality of Liechtenstein. As a reliable partner, we put people’s interests first and secure our customers’ existential needs. With innovative business strategies and a rich tradition of values, we develop digital product solutions and services for customers and business partners. With a focus on approachability and personability, we strive for customer-friendly services and attractive investment opportunities for personal pension plans.

Our values

We stand for ...


Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated – neither for you nor for us. Only if an insurance product is easy to understand does it create the desired added value for the customer. Simplicity is therefore an important indicator of internal quality and allows us to establish a trusting and long-term relationship with our customers and partners. This is why we attach great importance to lean hierarchies, straightforward processes and uncomplicated services.


Integrity is an integral part of our work ethic. Integrity is not only an integral part of our work ethic but of our pension solutions, too. For this reason, we ensure a high degree of fairness and transparency in the workplace. We are constantly striving to combine the highest consulting quality with the best product quality. To meet this goal, we see fair remuneration and maximum product transparency as indispensable, ensuring that customers and partners are always well informed.


We are changing insurance by implementing the right ideas faster than the competition. Innovation is a driving factor for entrepreneurial success and high customer satisfaction. It is essential to pay attention to the needs of our customers and to fulfil them before they even arise. Traditional values are cleverly combined with the most innovative ideas from the digitalisation industry to create attractive pension solutions that intelligently adapt to our customers’ life stages.


We look back on years of experience so as to reshape the future. Making provisions for retirement means thinking about the future. And only the best is good enough for the future. We are by our customers’ side every step of the way on their personal journey into the future. We use our employees’ expertise to ensure the highest product quality at all times. Our clients benefit from intelligent pension solutions and attractive investment strategies around the clock.

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